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The major goals in this course are to ensure that the students gain basic genetics and molecular biology background at a theoretical level, that they have the capability to design and carry out experiments in genetics and bioengineering fields and thus to provide effective solutions to questions and problems that they may face in the future.
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The course provides the concepts of cell division, Mendelian Genetics and its Extensions, Linkage and Gene Mapping in Eukaryotes, Sex Chromosomes, Chromosome Structures and Mutations, DNA Structure and Analysis, DNA Replication, Transcription, Translation, Gene Mutation, DNA Repair and Transposable Elements, Genetics of Bacteria, Regulation of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes, Recombinant DNA Technology.

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1: Lecture by instructor, 2: Lecture by instructor with class discussion, 3: Problem solving by instructor, 4: Use of simulations, 5: Problem solving assignment, 6: Reading assignment, 7: Laboratory work, 8: Term research paper, 9: Presentation by guest s
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A: Written exam, B: Multiple-choice exam C: Take-home quiz, D: Experiment report, E: Homework, F: Project, G: Presentation by student, H: …

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