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Publication number: 20210132951
Abstract: A computer-implemented method, which enables the data to be
clustered without being required to perform any distance calculations
among the points of the dataset, includes assigning points of a
dataset to cells of a cellular automaton; assigning each cell, having
a data point assigned, a distinct state value and a constant
temperature value; and assigning all cells, to which a data point is
not assigned, a unique state value different from the state values
utilized for cells having a data point and to a temperature lower than
the constant temperature value; selecting a cell in the cellular
automaton randomly; calculating the average temperature of the
selected cell and its neighbor cells; setting the temperature of the
cells having no data point, as the average temperature; if a neighbor
cell temperature is above the predetermined threshold value, moving
this neighbor cell to the state of the selected cell.
Type: Application
Filed: April 25, 2017
Publication date: May 6, 2021
Inventors: Emin Erkan KORKMAZ, Enes Burak Dündar