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What is Food Engineering?

Food Engineering is a multidisciplinary field to ensure the quality and safety of food products until they reach consumers by designing, following and managing all processes (R & D, production, quality control, packaging, and supply chain) according to international standards. Food Engineering Department at Yeditepe University offers four years of education with 100% and 50% scholarship.

>> Introduction of Food Engineering Profession from our Head of Department

Yeditepe Gıda - Offers an Innovative Education Model with its Original Curriculum

Yeditepe University, Food Engineering Department offers four years of education. The education language of the program is English.

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>> Introduction Catalog of Yeditepe University, Food Engineering Department

>> Unique Curriculum

>> YEDİTEPE GIDA with its Innovative Education Model

>> Concentration Programs with Business and Gastronomy Departments

>> Food-Business Certificate Program



















Career opportunities

Food Engineering graduates can work as a manager or an engineer or laboratory personnel in production, R&D, quality control, quality assurance, sales, and supply chain departments of local and global food-producing companies. Moreover, they are employed in laboratories of the Ministries in the Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock. They can also be hired as auditors in international certification agencies.

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