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Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer, Part-Time
Empa Teknoloji is a business venture of Empa Elektronik, the leading technical electronic component distributor of Turkey. We develop and integrate end-to-end solutions for rapidly growing edge-AI & cloud based IoT markets.

What we're looking for
We are currently looking for a “Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer” to join our energetic team where you will have the opportunity to make a real impact by designing and implementing high-scale, value-adding solutions for main industry players who are eager to catch up with cutting-edge digital technologies.

Who are you? (Skills & Experiences Required)
• Working towards a BS, MS in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, or similar field.
• Advanced proficiency in Python.
• Ability to digest scientific articles on ML techniques, identify any gaps therein and come up with implementations.
• Established fundamentals in data structures & algorithms
• Experience, in computer vision, deep learning, or machine learning.
• Experience in AI/ML frameworks ( Tensorflow, PyTorch, Caffe, etc.)
• Experience in medical imaging is a plus
• Experience in model quantization is a plus
• Experience in cloud technologies (e.g. AWS ) is a plus
• Fast learning of new technologies and adoption to engineering processes.
• Contribute to open-source projects and build reusable code and libraries
• Writing and implementing efficient code

What will you do? (Responsibilities)
• Reading, understanding, and implementing scientific articles describing various ML/AI approaches applicable for our purposes.
• Develop state-of-the-art algorithms in one or all the following areas: deep learning, object detection, medical image processing, activity recognition, anomaly detection, etc.
• Optimize deep neural networks and the associated pre-processing / post-processing code to run efficiently on AWS cloud and edge devices.
• Provide required research for new solutions
• Work communicatively, inclusively, and transparently.

Contact: arda.mamur@empa.com