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Zeynep Merve Köse, Hamburg University of Applied Science, Germany

Hello friends, I'm Zeynep Merve Köse. I graduated from the Department of Food Engineering in 2018 and I am currently working as an Assistant Quality Assurance Specialist at Bizim Wholesale Stores. In the third year of my undergraduate education, I had the opportunity to do Erasmus for one semester at Hamburg University of Applied Science in Germany. The biggest contribution of the Erasmus program to me was the development of the foreign language. In addition to the theoretical English I learned, it helped me improve myself in everyday language. Since I had the opportunity to spend time with people from many countries during Erasmus, I learned about their culture and gained different perspectives. I also had the opportunity to visit and see many countries and gained different experiences. I had the chance to experience another education system in that school and improve my perspective through the lessons I learned.

Elif Piranlıoğlu, Aarhus University of Applied Sciences, Denmark

Hello friends, I'm one of the graduates of Food Engineering department in 2017. I am currently doing a master's degree in Bioengineering at Marmara University. When I decided to pursue a master's degree after graduation, I was one step ahead of other students because I attended the Erasmus program during my undergraduate studies. I went to Aarhus University in Denmark as part of the Erasmus program to meet new cultures, new people, new places and a new me. I had great worries and fears before I went, but with the support of my teachers and my family, I stepped into a world I had never known. I did not have any difficulty in the lessons because the lectures of the teachers at the school I attended were the same as the lectures of my teachers; understandable and clear. I did not have any difficulties in terms of language, even as I had to speak English all the time, my command of the English language improved. I would recommend this program, which I have seen many benefits on my personal development, to all my friends who have the opportunity.

Işıl Gürbüz, The Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Polonia

Hello friends, I am Işıl Gürbüz. I started to study Food Engineering in Yeditepe University in 2013 and I graduated in 2018. I am currently working as a Junior Flavorist at Borgwaldt Flavor in Germany. After completing my second year at university, I went to Poland (Wroclaw University of Environment and Life Sciences) through the Erasmus + program. I've spent five months here. While attending a wide range of classes, I met people from different nationalities and became friends. During this time we became like a big family and I had unforgettable moments and friendships. We visited most of the cities, tasted foods and had fun a lot. My friends and I have learned the culture of the country, the language of the people. Since we spend time together, I had the opportunities to introduce myself, my university and my country. I also learned information that can be helpful in the lessons we took throughout the semester, in practice and in the lessons at my own university. I understand again and again how beautiful and productive semester I have had. Now I'm still in touch with my friends with whom I was there, and I'm meeting with many of them. I sincerely want and support you, my dear friends, to try the Erasmus + program, which I believe has many advantages not only with friendship but also professionally. Good luck.