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Internship Coordinator: Prof. Dr. F. Yeşim Ekinci


The student has to find the place to do the internship with his own opportunities. The Department of Career Development and Communication with Graduates at our university gives support to find internships to students. Information about the Career Development and Communication with Graduates Department director:

T: 0216 578 00 00/2629

F: 0216 578 00 51


  • Internship opportunities that sent to the department professors by companies are shared by means of “yeditepefde@googlegroups.com”, and also several student clubs have their own contact with the companies. Students who need to help can contact with these clubs.
  • The earlier you apply to the institution where you plan to do your internship, the higher your chances of being accepted.
  • Undergraduate students of Food Engineering have to do one compulsory internship. Also, insurances of the two more internships can be paid by the university. If it is wanted 2nd and 3rd internships can be voluntarily made.
  • Compulsory internship period is 20 working days.
  • Students only who have completed FDE 203, FDE 226 and AFE 132 courses can do internship.
  • The compulsory internship place is preferably Food Establishments. However, internships can also be carried out in the laboratories of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the Turkish Standards Institute and private laboratories with accreditation.
  • While calculating the internship day, the actual working day must be taken as stated in the labour law. Official holidays, festivals, etc. special days are not counted as internship days.
  • The documents listed below must be submitted to the internship responsible officer 4 weeks before the internship beginsDocuments submitted when close to the start date of the internship will not be accepted.
  • Students attended the summer school cannot make an internship during summer school.

Required documents:

Application Process:

  • The first page on the Application and Approval form is filled in and delivered to the company after signing to the head of the department. The second page is filled in by the company and delivered to the department internship responsible.
  • Once the documents mentioned in the preliminary information form are completely supplied, they are filled and delivered to the department internship responsible


  • Preliminary Information Form
  • Application and Approval Form
  • When the firms and the internship period for the students are determined, petitions must be submitted to Food Engineering department secretary “Selma AKA DİNÇ”.

    Contact information:

    Department Secretary: Selma Dinç

    Email: selma.dinc@yeditepe.edu.tr

    Tel: 0 216 578 0000-1418 Fax: 0 216 578 0400

Things to Consider While Filling Out Internship Book:

  • The information needed to be found in your internship notebook will be determined according to your internship program.
  • In general, you can mention the job descriptions, processes, operations, mechanisms, based upon your observations (even if you didn’t do it personally).
  • In order to be counting of internship days, you have to reflect on the new things you have learned about work in the workplace by doing or observing during that day.
  • You can write the internship notebook by handwriting or on a computer.
  • The internship notebook must be written in English. However, some terms can be expressed in Turkish with explanations in the case of hard to find the corresponding meaning in English. Where necessary, the output from the computer can be pasted.
  • The internship notebook must be submitted in the last week of SeptemberLate submissions will not be accepted.
  • The intern evaluation report (to be filled in by the company) is accepted by fax. However, there is a risk while delivering by fax. Preferably, it is more convenient to be delivered in a closed envelope, together with the notebook by hand.


Additional documents: