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Erasmus Department Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Dr. Özge Taştan

  • Those who have a grade point average (CGPA) at 2.20 and higher, completed at least one academic semester at Yeditepe University, and who will continue at Yeditepe University for at least one more semester after Erasmus program to be graduated can apply to an Erasmus  program and can continue their education abroad for a semester.
  • Erasmus agreements are an agreement between departments. The exchange agreements are made throughout the university and are limited to the quotas announced by the international office. You can get information about the accompanied schools from the Erasmus department coordinator. For each semester, the dates of application are announced by the International Office and are announced in our department. It is compulsory for the applicants to have an e-mail address with a Yeditepe extension. Applications are made online. It is needed to submit the printout of the form you created in the system to the Erasmus Coordinator with 1 photo, ID photocopy, and transcript.
  • You will have to take the language test shortly after your application. The date of the examination is announced by the International Office. Students who score at least 60 on the language test will be taken to an oral examination at a date determined by the department's Erasmus  coordinator. Your situation is determined according to your score and the school-related quota that you want to go to. Then, you will be able to find all the forms you need to fill out and the operations you need to do from the international office page.
  • With any exchange program, the financial condition of the student who goes abroad for a term continues at the University. Besides, students who go to Erasmus receive some financial support under the name of the grant. This amount is announced by the International Office. Students who prefer can waive financial support.
  • Listed below are the universities in which our ERASMUS agreement has been done by years 2017-2018. Negotiations continue for new agreements. New agreements can also be made with students' requests and initiatives.

Schools with undergraduate level agreements:

  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany
  • Aarhus University Science & Technology, Aarhus, Denmark 
  • The Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland 
  • Agricultural University of Athens, Atina, Greece
  • University of Parma, Department of Food and Drug, Food Processing Section, Italy
  • University of Salerno, Italy


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