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Simulation and Statistics Laboratory 

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory 

Control and Automation Laboratory 

Data Science and Intelligent Systems Laboratory



Simulation and Statistics Laboratory

Simulation and Statistics Laboratory is a general purpose computer laboratory that contains essential software packages used in the field of industrial Engineering. These software packages are used in courses and research projects to study the following topics:

  • modeling and simulation of discrete event systems and dynamic systems
  • statistics
  • linear and nonlinear optimization
  • planning
  • modeling and design of complex systems


MATLAB is a general-purpose software that is used in many different fields for scientific computations.


Arena is a very popular simulation program used for the simulation of complex systems. Our students perform input/output analysis, process analysis and resource-cost analysis of complex systems via Arena. By the help of various modules of Arena, our students produce solutions for problems encountered in the industry. In addition, Arena software allows users to optimize and animate proposed scenarios. Students are required to make a project with Arena in SYE 344 Simulation Modeling course.


Stella is software that can be used for graphical modeling, simulation and analysis of complex systems described by nonlinear time-varying differential equations. Stella allows researchers to study subjects such as: effects of climate change on an ecosystem; Hamlet’s fate in case he would kill Claudius, how oil prices respond to the imbalances in supply / demand, analyzing effects of absence of ozone layer over earth; analyzing effects of macroeconomic principles on income and consumption.

IBM-ILOG Inventory

IBM ILOG Inventory and Product Flow Analyst provides inventory management that is one of the most important aspects of supply chains of companies.

IBM-ILOG Transportation

IBM ILOG Transportation Analyst is an advanced software that is used for analysis and design of complex logistic systems.


CPLEX is a flexible and high performance sotware that includes solvers for linear programming, mixed integer programming, quadratic programming and constrained quadratic programming problems.


Minitab is a probability and statistics package. The program includes many fundamental statistical tools such as descriptive statistics, normality tests, hypothesis tests, etc. Furthermore, the program can perform analysis such as quality control, forecasting, etc.


30 desktop computers.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory

Today, manufacturing in industry is havily based on automation systems composed of machines and computers. In the Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory, there is a small model of such a manufacturing system used in modern factories. This system consists of a combination of conveyor band, robot arms, a CNC machinery, a quality and control unity, and an Automatic Storage-Retrival systems all of which is totally controlled by a computer system. The students can work for their research and/or course studies by writting programs for different manufacturing scenarios.

Cosimir Educational

With Cosimir Educational students can model and simulate different types of robots in complex 3D environment and can write programs for controlling them. This environment allows testing different scenarios in simulation environment before deploying the control algorithms to real robots.

Cosimir Control

Using Cosimir Control software package students can write programs for manufacturing different types of products in the real system.

Storage and Assembling Units

A 6DOF robot manipulator is used for assembling parts. The automatic storage-retrieval system is composed of a storage unit with 40 shelves and a telescopic robot for transportation of materials.

CNC Machinery Unit

CNC machinery unit is composed of a CNC machinery that processes cylindrical parts and a 5 DOF robot arm that carries these parts between the CNC unit and the conveyor belt. Besides, there is a laser meter to test the outer diameter of the processed parts.

Quality Control Unit

Quality control unit tests the inner diameter of the plates.


There are 24 computers in the laboratory. These computers are used to teach the robot programming languages with simulations and to develop software for controlling the production system.

Control and Automation Laboratory

Control and Automation Laboratory is used for modeling analysis and design of control and automation systems. Available experimental setups let students to gain hands on experience on control systems encountered in practice and let them develop feedback controller for such systems. This laboratory is used in undergraduate courses as well as in graduate level courses and research studies.

Magnetic Levitation System

In this system a metal object such as ball is suspended in the air by means of electromagnetic forces. As a result the friction is eliminated almost entirely which minimizes and energy losses and allows achieving very high speed in systems based on this principle. Examples of such systems are high speed MAGLEV trains and bearingless motors.

Inverted Pendulum System

Inverted pendulum is composed of a cart that can move horizontally and a pendulum attached to it which can swing freely. The goal is to stabilize the pendulum in upright position by horizontal movements of the car which is controlled by a computer. Missiles and Ginger produced by SAGWAY are examples of real applications based on this principle.

Servo Control System

This system is used for studying speed and position servo control problems. Such problems are encountered in practical applications ranging from drive by wire systems in automobiles to robotics.

Process Control Unit

This experiment setup is a multi-purpose system which contains temperature, liquid level, flow and pressure control units. In practice such systems find application in modern factories using chemical processes for production of materials such as drug, food, etc.


MATLAB is ageneral-purpose software that is used in many different fields for scientific computations including analysis and control of dynamic systems.

In Touch SCADA

Siemens Step 7 PLC

SIEMENS ve WAGO PLC Sistemleri


There are 11 desktop computers in the laboratory.

Data Science and Intelligent Systems Laboratory

In this laboratory, computers and associated software are available for programming in the field of data science, intelligent systems and Industrial Engineering. This software is used for both educational and research purposes.