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Double Major/ Minor

Double Major

A double major allows students who are enrolled in an undergraduate program to earn a second degree. Conditions for applying to and pursuing a double major are set by the university regulations. A student who is admitted must successfully complete all courses of the second degree in order to graduate from this program. However, since there are common and equivalent courses among the departments, it is enough for the student to take a subset of the courses set by the double major agreement. The following departments have double major degree agreements with the Industrial Engineering department. The agreements can be downloaded by clicking the links.

Computer Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Genetics and Bioengineering

Food Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering


Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering



A minor program allows students to earn a certificate from a second program upon completing a set of courses determined by the department. The conditions for applying to and pursuing a minor are set by the university regulations. The minor program of the Industrial Engineering department can be accessed through the following link.

Minor Program