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Rabia Yazgı Atar

Thanks to the education system that makes learning practical in many areas of education and thanks to other academicians in our school, I had the opportunity to graduate in 2018 with more than my diploma in Food Engineering. With the support of the internship programs at our school, it was much more easier for me to discover in which field I could improve before I graduated. I had the opportunity to do a summer internship in Germany for two months before graduating with IASTE (The International Association for International Experimental Studies). After returning, I started my career as a long-term R & D trainee at Danone and continued to work as a full-time R & D assistant. The limitless possibilities offered by our university were supported by me to be able to get into working life so easily. Thanks to the support provided by our department, we organized a "Career Summit in Food Industry ”which is open to participants from other schools and learned how to create and operate the organization together.


Ege Gürtan

In 2013, I had started to study Food Engineering at Yeditepe University. Many events had been organized in various disciplines at our university, one of them was a conference on nanotechnology. After attending that conference, I decided that I should have a career in which I could combine nanotechnology and food technology in the future. I thought that I had to learn physics first to develop myself in nanotechnology. Although there was no double major program between the physics department and the food engineering department, my professors and the university paved the way for me to create a double major program in physics and food engineering. This is one of the greatest favors I have seen at Yeditepe University. Not only that, but I also had the opportunity to work with different professors from different departments to work in their laboratories to develop myself in physics and nanotechnology. I am really satisfied with the education I have received from both physics and food departments and the quality of our teachers. I believe that a student who wants to develop himself/herself in any field of science can certainly find what he/she is looking for at this university's Faculty of Engineering. After completing my undergraduate studies, I was accepted to the nanotechnology graduate program of Twente University in the Netherlands with a scholarship. Since my training here is practice-based, I find it very useful. Since there are so many disciplines in nanotechnology, I have the opportunity to combine my education in physics and food. At the same time, I would recommend the overseas experience to everyone, I think it improves the person in terms of character.