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What is Food Engineering?


Food Engineering is a multidisciplinary field to ensure the quality and safety of food products until they reach consumers by designing, following and managing all processes (R & D, production, quality control, packaging, and supply chain) according to international standards. Food Engineering Department at Yeditepe University offers education with 100% and 50% scholarship.

Yeditepe Gıda - Offers an Innovative Education Model with its Original Curriculum

Yeditepe University, Food Engineering Department offers four years of education. The education language of the program is English.

Unique Curriculum

YEDİTEPE GIDA with its Innovative Education Model

Food-Business Certificate Program

Introduction Catalog of Yeditepe University, Food Engineering Department


Vision, Mission and Educational Objectives



The vision of the Department of Food Engineering at Yeditepe University is to be a nationally and internationally recognized department that contributes to science, technology, industry, and society through its educational, teaching, and research activities, within the framework of sustainable development goals. The department aims to comprehensively evaluate the food system, generate innovative products and technological solutions, shape food policies, and establish a prominent presence on both national and international platforms.


The core mission of the Department of Food Engineering at Yeditepe University is to train competent food engineer graduates who know the food system and are capable of applying the necessary technologies for the healthy and safe production, processing, and preservation of food products, guided by their scientific education. The goal is to educate food engineers who are committed to sustainability and innovation, actively follow developments in science and technology, and contribute to the field while upholding professional and ethical responsibilities.

Educational Objectives

Yeditepe University Food Engineering undergraduate program educational objectives are;

  • To train engineers who contribute to the sustainability of the food system by working as engineers, managers, marketers or entrepreneurs in different areas of the food system (food production, design, planning, quality control and safety, purchasing, logistics, R&D, etc.) in national/international companies and in the public sector.
  • To train engineers who carry out scientific studies in master's and doctoral programs at universities, R&D centers or departments in Turkey and abroad.

Our Head of Department is Telling about Food Engineering

Studying at Yeditepe University Department of Food Engineering


In the Department of Food Engineering in Yeditepe University, with a transdisciplinary approach, the students are tried to gain expertise not only in the field of engineering, but also in areas such as food safety, health and nutrition, gastronomy and culinary arts, entrepreneurship and business. In this context, concentration programs are created in different fields. These concentration programs include the Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts and the Department of Business Administration. The advanced laboratory infrastructure in the world's best universities is available in Yeditepe University Food Engineering Department. While choosing faculty members in the Department of Food Engineering, care is taken to ensure that their postgraduate education is from a prestigious school abroad. Relations with the food sector are not only within the scope of projects. The sector, one of the areas of interest of the department, takes place in one-to-one lessons. Particular attention is paid to bringing an employee from the industry every week in applied areas in design courses. Apart from this, the factory visits of the students are also very common in the department. Within the scope of the courses, the leading companies of the food sector are visited and students are provided to see their production facilities. In the department of Food Engineering in Yeditepe University, with a more subdisciplinary approach, it is aimed to teach students as a new profession that includes different fields such as innovation, digitalization and sustainability as well as classical food engineering education from the past. Considering the "base score and ranking list" of the Department of Food Engineering, the remarkable position of Yeditepe University is the main reason why it is among the top preference of students.

Double Major & Minor Program and Concentration Programs



Erasmus Department Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Dr. Özge Taştan

  • Those who have a grade point average (CGPA) at 2.20 and higher, completed at least one academic semester at Yeditepe University, and who will continue at Yeditepe University for at least one more semester after Erasmus program to be graduated can apply to an Erasmus  program and can continue their education abroad for a semester.
  • Erasmus agreements are an agreement between departments. The exchange agreements are made throughout the university and are limited to the quotas announced by the international office. You can get information about the accompanied schools from the Erasmus department coordinator. For each semester, the dates of application are announced by the International Office and are announced in our department. It is compulsory for the applicants to have an e-mail address with a Yeditepe extension. Applications are made online. It is needed to submit the printout of the form you created in the system to the Erasmus Coordinator with 1 photo, ID photocopy, and transcript.
  • You will have to take the language test shortly after your application. The date of the examination is announced by the International Office. Students who score at least 60 on the language test will be taken to an oral examination at a date determined by the department's Erasmus  coordinator. Your situation is determined according to your score and the school-related quota that you want to go to. Then, you will be able to find all the forms you need to fill out and the operations you need to do from the international office page.
  • With any exchange program, the financial condition of the student who goes abroad for a term continues at the University. Besides, students who go to Erasmus receive some financial support under the name of the grant. This amount is announced by the International Office. Students who prefer can waive financial support.
  • Listed below are the universities in which our ERASMUS agreement has been done by years 2020-2021. Negotiations continue for new agreements. New agreements can also be made with students' requests and initiatives.

Schools with undergraduate level agreements:

  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, Germany
  • Aarhus University Science & Technology, Aarhus, Denmark 
  • The Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland 
  • Agricultural University of Athens, Atina, Greece
  • University of Parma, Department of Food and Drug, Food Processing Section, Italy
  • University of Salerno, Italy
  • University of West Attica, Greece

Outgoing Students:

Incoming Students:

Some Erasmus Stories of Our Graduates



Internship Coordinator: Prof. Dr. F. Yeşim Ekinci

In FDE 400, it is aimed to prepare undergraduates for working life before their graduation, to gain knowledge related with engineering practices and to observe the connection between theoretical knowledge and practices in the industry and also to gain experience. 

Course learning outcomes;

  • Practical experience to observe the food engineering fields in a practical environment and how these environments are organized and operated.

  • Application of the knowledge learned in the courses in practice

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Ability to report and present of all experience


Bologna Process


Bologna is to bring students and academic staff closer to the current developments. The main object of this program is student. In this context, Yeditepe University Food Engineering Department aims to eliminate the practices of deviation from the standard among the education programs of the excellent universities of the European Union. In this way, students continue their educational activities in a more conscious and equipped manner.

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What are The Working Areas of Food Engineering Graduate? Where Does It Work?


Some of the duties of Yeditepe University Food Engineering department graduates in the units where they work are as follows:

  • To control the additives used in food,
  • Developing ideas for new products to be produced,
  • Evaluating the scope of the projects and making a decision,
  • Evaluating the formulations of food products and changing if necessary, 
  • Testing food samples,
  • Evaluating the equipment and systems used during production,
  • To review the techniques in the processing, packaging and preservation process of foods,
  • To evaluate production and performance.

Food Engineering graduates can work as a manager or an engineer or laboratory personnel in production, R&D, quality control, quality assurance, sales, and supply chain departments of local and global food-producing companies. Moreover, they are employed in laboratories of the Ministries in the Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock. They can also be hired as auditors in international certification agencies.

What Are Yeditepe-Food Engineering Graduates Doing?

Successes Stories of Our Graduates

Yeditepe University Food Engineering Department Success Ranking


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Fees and Prices of Food Engineering Department


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Food Engineering Scholarship Opportunities


Yeditepe University offers different scholarship opportunities to students. Students can get detailed information about scholarship opportunities by viewing the Food Engineering Scholarship Opportunities page. You can click to access the relevant page here, and review the departments and scholarship opportunities.