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At least seven credit courses, one (1) non-credit Research Seminar (CSE 590) and a non-credit thesis course must be successfully completed. All credit courses, including the six electives, at least four of which must be CSE XXX courses, and the compulsory Research Methodologies course are 3 credits and the total credit requirement is 21.

At most two courses from the 300/400 level undergraduate curriculum may be taken towards graduate credit, provided that these courses have not been accounted for towards the undergraduate degree.

Up to two courses may be taken from other departments, faculties, institutes or universities, by approval of the advisor.

Completion of the course load is recommended within two semesters. The student’s thesis supervisor must be determined by the end of the second semester after starting the Master’s Program. The thesis supervisor acts as the student’s academic adviser. Students may register for the thesis course after successfully completing the credit course requirements. The Research Seminar may be taken together with the thesis course. The student must register to the thesis course until completion of the thesis work.

A student who has failed the compulsory course must repeat it, or take another course accepted by the department to be equivalent. A student may replace the courses in which s/he fails with other courses. A student may repeat the courses s/he has passed with the purpose of improving his/her grade point average. The last grade obtained in any course remains effective in the student’s transcript.

Deficiency Program

Students accepted to the MS program may be required to complete a Deficiency program consisting of up to six (6) courses from the undergraduate curriculum, to be determined during the acceptance process, by a committee of department members.

Courses in the Deficiency Program for the MS degree must be passed with a minimum grade of CC, within two semesters after acceptance.

  Courses Total Credits Total ECTS Credits
Total 8 Courses 21 120
Core Courses CSE 590, ESYE 501 6 20
Seminar CSE 590 Noncredit 2
Elective Courses 4 Courses (with the approval of advisor) 15 35
Thesis Mandatory Noncredit 30 x 2 semester =60