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Internship Period

Compulsory internship period is at least 20 working days without interruption. If the company is open on Saturdays, these days also are accepted as working days. It is forbidden to register to any course during the internship. Internship cannot overlap with the semester even a single day.


Internship Focus

Internship may focus on software or hardware areas. The student is expected to work in a project, make a design, develop a software or a hardware, and observe the management of a project.


Internship Position

Finding an internship position is the responsibility of the student. A limited list of company names and contact information is also available in the department secretariat. There must be at least one Computer Engineer in the company in the department of internship. If the strudent’s application is approved by the department, the student applies for the internship insurance. Students can start their internship after the insurance procedure is completed.



Insurance is mandatory. Internships without insurance will not be accepted. All documents required for insurance must be delivered to the department secretariat at least 1 month before the starting date of your internship.


Internship requirements

Internship is mandatory for graduation. Internship must be done at the end of the 3rd year. Requirements for the internship are:

  1. the student must have completed 100 credits or more;
  2. OR  the student must have passed all CSE courses in the 3rd year of the curriculum;
  3. OR  the student might graduate within one year, considering his/her CGPA and the prerequisites and semesters of the courses he/she will take

After completing the internship, students must register to CSE 400 in the fall semester.


Students who do not satisfy the above requirements are encouraged to do voluntary internships. At the end of a voluntary internship, students do not submit a report and they do not register to CSE 400 course.


Internship Report

It is compulsory to write an internship report. All activities during the internship should be recorded in this report. The project that you are assigned, the software or hardware that you developed, and the knowledge you gained during the internship must be explained in detail. Each page of the report should be signed and stamped by your supervisor and the company. The report must be written on computer. Deadline for report submission is the first week of the following semester.

Staj Raporu Formatı


Internship Evaluation Form

At the end of your internship, internship evaluation form should be filled, signed and stamped by your supervisor and should be delivered to the department in a closed envelope.

Internship Evaluation Form



After the evaluation of your Internship Report and Internship Evaluation Form, your CSE 400 grades will be determined as either P (pass) or F (fail).


Application Forms

Internship Application Forms to be submitted to the department:

Staj Başvuru Formları 

Firmadan Talep Edilecek Form 

Stajyer Kabul Formu 

CSE Başvuru Formu



Internship coordinator

Asst. Prof. Esin Onbaşıoğlu
Ofis: A-405
E-Posta: esin@cse.yeditepe.edu.tr
Tel: +90(216) 578 04 22