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Project Format

All Students enrolled in the MSN 492 course need to prepare a project that includes experimental and literature research. Thus, they can apply and demonstrate the knowledge and experiences they have acquired during their undergraduate education.

Only senior students can take this course.

The necessary steps for the submission and delivery of the project are specified below.

1. Selection of the subject and the project consultant 

At the beginning of each semester, the project topics determined by the faculty members will have announced by the department.

The project chosen by the student will have carried out under the supervision of the relevant advisor.

2. Interim report

An interim report should be prepared during the period and submitted to the project advisor on the specified dates. This report should describe the progress made in project work so far. The interim report should be prepared following the final report format and approved by the project consultant.

3. Final Report

A detailed report consisting of studies should have prepared until the date announced by the department. It should prepare with the report format.

The report must be approved by the project advisor and delivered to the project consultant, other jury members, and the research assistant in digital format (or you can send it via e-mail).  The jury members will evaluate the work done according to this report.

4. Presentation and Evaluation of the Project

The student should prepare a PowerPoint presentation outlining his project, not exceeding 30 minutes, and present it to the jury members. The presentation details should contain its purpose and scope, the solution method used and the results obtained. The project grade is given by considering the qualities of the work, report, and presentation.

5. Delivery of the Project

The successful student should make some corrections as requested by the jury members. After that, the student should send it to the relevant assistant. After checking it, the final report must print as two hard-bound copies. Lastly, these copies should send to the department secretariat with two CDs containing report files after all jury members are signed.  

Responsible Research Assistants

Umay Çınarlı

e-mail: umay.cinarli@yeditepe.edu.tr

Bayram Güneş

e-mail: bayram.gunes@yeditepe.edu.tr