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1. Chairman's Message

Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering is a new avenue in the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering area with more emphasis on nanomaterials and nanotechnology. Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering (MSNE) education at Yeditepe University is based upon high-quality education and strong research program are the two essential factors that make a well established and strong department. MSNE’s vision is to graduate both nationally and internationally well educated and trained engineers who are responsible, open-minded, theoretically and practically well equipped, creative, ethical, sociable, team player individuals that are concerned about the environment and public benefits so that they can contribute to their profession

One of the important goals of the department is to contribute to the education of qualified engineers especially in the new era of nanotechnology where there is a need for high-quality education and training as well as research. Our most important asset in realizing this goal is our faculty who mainly focus their R&D effort on nanomaterials, nanotechnology, engineering materials, functional materials and coatings, and surfaces.

Our curriculum consists of courses where basic engineering sciences are taught and the following areas are covered:

  • Materials Engineering (Metals, Ceramics, and Glasses, Polymeric Materials, Composite Materials, Functional Materials)
  • Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
  • Bio-materials
  • Materials Characterization and Testings
  • Materials Production Technologies
  • Manufacturing systems,
  • Engineering materials
  • Materials Selection and Design

As a department, we support and help to organize social and technical activities for our students by organizing technical visits to industrial companies and by inviting speakers from industry or academia to deliver seminars.

In MSNE, we encourage our students to self-study and learning and give Homeworks in all lectures and ask them to present their homework as oral presentation.

Prof. Dr. Taner Akbay
Chairman of the Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering Department

2.  Job Opportunities for our Graduates:

As an interdisciplinary branch of applied sciences and engineering that aims to design and develop advanced materials for new technologies, Material Science and Nanotechnology Engineering graduates have a wide spectrum of job opportunities. This is due to the fact that almost 70% of the existing industrial sectors deal with materials and/or materials related subjects. Our graduates enjoy the opportunity to be employed as an engineer in numerous sectors such as aerospace, automotive, household appliances, chemical, textile, plastics, electronics, and all materials production industries ranging from the defense industry to health sector. Owing to the widespread application areas of nanotechnology, the related industrial sectors are also expected to grow. Another advantage of being an interdisciplinary branch, Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering graduates are highly sought for postgraduate studies both at home and abroad. Scientists and economists believe that materials science and nanotechnology, with all the advantages in both industry and academia, will make a mark on the 21st century as a new industrial and information technology revolution.

Some examples of the industry branches at which our graduates may be employed are:

  • Aerospace and defense industry (Aselsan, TAI, TEI, Roketsan Turkish Aerospace Industry, Turkish Armed Forces, etc.)
  • Machinery and manufacturing industry
  • Automotive and supply chain industry (Fiat, Toyota, Ford, Temsa, Otokar, BMC etc.)
  • Household appliances industry (Vestel, Arçelik, Bosch etc.)
  • Production metallurgy industry (Iron and steel production) (Erdemir, Karabuk, Isdemir etc.)
  • Non-ferrous metal production industry (Aluminum, copper, etc.)
  • Metal forming and processing industry (MKE, numerous private companies)
  • Glass, ceramic and refractory industry (Paşabahçe, Gürallar, Kütahya Poselen, Şişecam etc.)
  • Polymer industry (Urosan, plastics manufacturing industries, etc.)
  • Semiconductor industry (Solar cell manufacturing industry etc.)
  • Shipbuilding industry (Shipyards)
  • Energy industry (Thermal power plants, renewables etc.)
  • Electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing
  • Health sector (Biomedical materials production)
  • Quality control and management companies
  • Experts in public organizations
  • Production and development areas in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paint, etc. sectors where nanotechnology is applied
  • Universities and research centers
  • Private sector R&D and product development centers
  • Testing and measurement and calibration in laboratories
  • Consultancy

3. Brochure


4. Department Advisory Board​

    Osman Vedat AKGÜN, İzmir Technology Area, İzmir
    Hasan BAĞLAMA, Anadolu Metallurgy, General Manager, Gaziantep
    Tarık BAYKARA, Doğuş University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, İstanbul
    Uğur DALBELER, Çolakoğlu Metallurgy, General Manager, İstanbul
    Olgun SANBERK, Sinter Metal, General Manager, İstanbul
    Vedat SEDİROĞLU, Şişecam Household Goods Group, Development Director, İstanbul
    Mustafa SEZER, Arçelik R&D, Materials Group Manager, İstanbul
    İbrahim SUSİN, Arıteks Nanotek, Genel Manager, İstanbul
    Serkan TOPALOĞLU, Yeditepe University, TTO Director
    Ata ÖZDEMİRLER, Kaptan Demir-Çelik, Board Member, İstanbul
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