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First-time applicants to Undergraduate Programs 

International students who have earned a high school diploma from a school outside of Turkey which is recognized as equivalent to a Turkish high school diploma, or who are currently enrolled in the last year of such a high school, may be candidates for international admissions.

Candidates will be considered for International admission only if he/she meets the criteria for  " international status’’ according to the regulations of YÖK (Council of Higher Education of Turkey). Turkish candidates need to satisfy the criteria of ‘’Status for International Admission’’ according to regulations and specific requirements from YÖK. For details, please refer to the YÖK official website. ( http://www.yok.gov.tr

Candidates are required to register in the EBS online system to complete their application and upload the required documents.  

► Required Documents

Passport or Official ID Card (required)
A copy of your passport or national ID card, including the page with additional information or extensions.

High-school Diploma (required)
Copy of high school diploma translated to English or Turkishif the student did not yet graduate and does not hold a high-school diploma, a statement of his/her enrollment and the academic status from the high school is required. The official diploma however will be requested at the time of registration.

Full High-school Transcript (required)
A full transcript of all high school years translated into English or Turkish with the general grades table; for students still enrolled in their last year of high-school, a statement with their previous semester’s grades.

Photo (required)
A recently taken photographnot older than 6 months uploaded to our EBS system at the time of application in a JPEG format.

► Recommended Documents

University Entrance Exam Scores
National or International university entrance exam, such as YÖS, SAT, ACT, GCE, IB, Matura, Abitur etc, with at least a minimum score acceptable by Yeditepe University. 
For Entrance Exam List and minimum acceptable scores please click here

Personal and/or Academic Reference Letter 
Letters should not be older than 10 months;  or download and have the forms completed: Undergraduate Personal Reference YUUPR , Undergraduate Teacher Reference YUUTR

Language Proficiency Test Results 
Certificates such as TOEFL, DELF etc., even if the scores are below the minimum scores required by Yeditepe University which can be seen here. These tests are not required in order to apply and can be provided at the time of registration.

Additionally, Yeditepe University schedules Language Proficiency Exams after the registration period for those who did not provide any language test certificate or had a score below the minimum required score. If the students don’t acquire the necessary score in the Language Test for Proficiency Exams, then the student automatically will be enrolled in Preparatory School.

Acceptable TOEFL Test Centers in Turkey       can be found on the English Prep School page / DEPARTMENTS 

To learn more details about required scores and English Preparatory School, please visit the following link: https://www.yeditepe.edu.tr/en/academic/preparatory-school 

NOTE: Only students that come from a country where the official language is the language of instruction of the program they have chosen and they have completed their education in that language are exempt from providing or taking a Language Proficiency exam.


64 Undergraduate Programs are available at Yeditepe University

English is the language of instruction with special conditions in certain Faculties:

  • Department of Political Science and International Relations is offered in French or in English.
  • Department of International Management is offered in German.
  • Faculty of Dentistry requires a Turkish Language Certificate (TÖMER) with a minimum C1 level apart from a minimum passing grade on English Proficiency test.
  • Faculty of Fine Arts requires an Aptitude Test to be taken at the university before registration. The exam dates are announced every academic year. 
  • Faculty of Law - the languages of instruction are:   30% English   70% Turkish.
  • Faculty of Russian Language and Literature is offered in Russian.

Each undergraduate program offered at Yeditepe University has a limited quota for international admissions. Please refer to quotas for undergraduate programs by clicking here.

The result of the EBS applications will be sent through the system and notified by e-mail within a month.

After approval and the deposit of the early payment, an official Acceptance Letter will be issued.