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Our mission is to raise civil engineers who are skilled in both fields of theory and application, creative, ethical, responsible and  who can also grow strong social relationships in order to be able to participate in any teamwork and to be adaptive to any national or international environment. We aim to serve to the actual demands of the society and improve the profession of civil engineering.


Our vision is to carry out reputable researches at national and international level, to admit succesful students in undergraduate and graduate levels, to have alumnis who are succesful in domestic and international industry and research institutions, to produce positive contributions to science, technology, industry and humanity.

Our goals as the Yeditepe University Department of Civil Engineering are to educate civil engineers:

1. With potential to work at national or international business environments, capable of working at public sector or private companies;

2. Who could participate in design or application processes;

3. Who could conduct academic studies at national or international level.