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ME 400
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Course Objectives: 
The aim of summer practice is to let students observe and experience the engineering world outside the university, get a glimpse of the practical aspects of engineering, observe how the knowledge at school and the engineering practice outside are related and decide what they would like to do after they graduate and, perhaps, decide about their elective courses according to that. Students register to this course after they have completed their practice and write their report within this course.
Course Content: 

Compulsory summer internship for a minimum of 20 business days. Internships cannot coincide with academic semesters. Students are required to undertake an internship prior to or in the middle of their fourth year of education, if time permits, and to register to this course in the semester following the completion of their internship. Their written report is evaluated and graded within this course.

Course Methodology: 
8: Summer practice.
Course Evaluation Methods: 
D: Report.

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