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Students with a GPA of 2.20 or above, who have completed at least one academic semester at Yeditepe University and who will continue at least one more semester to graduate from Yeditepe University upon their return, will be able to attend Erasmus or exchange programs abroad for one semester. they may apply to continue.

Erasmus agreements are an inter-departmental agreement. Exchange agreements are made throughout the university and are limited to quotas announced by the International Office. You can get information from the Erasmus / exchange coordinator about the schools that have an agreement. The application dates for each semester are announced by the International Office and announced in our department. It is compulsory for the students to get an e-mail address with the extension of Yeditepe. Applications are made online. Click for detailed information and application. After you apply, you should submit the output of the form you have created in the system to the Erasmus / exchange coordinator of the department with a photo, ID copy and transcript.

You will need to take the language exam shortly after your application. Exam date is announced by the International Office, which you need to follow. Students who score at least 60 points in the language exam are taken to the oral exam on a date determined by the department's Erasmus / exchange coordinator. Your status is determined according to your achievement score and the quota for the school you want to go to. Afterwards, you can reach all the forms you need to fill out and the procedures you need to complete from the International Office's page.

The financial situation of the student who goes abroad for a semester with any exchange program continues in the university. Students who go with Erasmus are also provided with some financial support under the name of the grant. The amount is announced by the International Office. Students may renounce financial support.

Below is a list of the universities with which Erasmus agreements have been made by our department for 2019-2021. From time to time, initiatives are being taken for new agreements. In addition, new agreements can be made with the demands and initiatives of the students.


List of Active ERASMUS Partner Universities

  • Windesheim University Of Applied Sciences / Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim (2021)
    Zwolle, Netherlands
  • Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbeliard (2021)
    Belfort, France
  • Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hof (2021)
    Hof, Germany
  • Hochschule Koblenz University of Applied Sciences (2021)
    Koblenz, Germany