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1. Through the Double Major / Minor programs, students can take double diploma or minor diploma by choosing courses from the following departments at the same time while they are studying in Mechanical Engineering Department.

  • Computer engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Industrial design
  • Business Administration
  • Other suitable sections

2. The course schedules to be followed by the students who are registered in other parts of the university and want to do the Double Major in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are given according to the following sections:

  • Elektrik Elektronik Mühendisliği
  • İnşaat Mühendisliği
  • Sistem Mühendisliği (Endüstri Müh.Opsiyonu)
  • Sistem Mühendisliği (Kontrol Otomasyon Müh.Opsiyonu)

3. Students who are enrolled in other departments of the University and wish to make a minor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering must take the following courses:

ME 211 Thermodynamics I 3
ME 241 Statics 3
ME 244 Dynamics 3
ME 264 Material Sci. For ME 3
ME 246 Strength of Materials 3
ME 324 Heat Transfer 4
ME 331 Fluid Mechanics 3
7 Courses 22 Credits


a) If a student has taken an equivalent lesson to a lesson listed above, he / she should provide lessons and credit conditions for the minor by taking lessons from the following elective courses group.

Elective Courses

ME 212 Thermodynamics II 3
ME 343 Machine Elements I 3
ME 344 Machine Elements II 3
ME 352 System Dynamics and Control 4
ME 371 Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering 3
ME 372 Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering 3
ME 445 Mechanical Vibrations 3
ME 461 Manufacturing Techniques 3
ME 482 Mechanical Engineering Design 3

b) Students who have not taken some courses with CHEM and ES code in their own programs should also take these courses separately and primarily.

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