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Electric and Electronic Circuits Laboratory



The main purpose of Electric and Electronic Circuits Laboratory is to realize analog electronics applications. Laboratory sessions of the “Electrical Circuits” course are given in this laboratory. Some engineering design projects and research projects are also realized, analyzed and tested in this laboratory.

The laboratory has powerful and sensitive test and measurement equipment to allow study on experiments with high precision. Characterization of electronic circuit components such as diodes and fundamental applications of resistors, inductors, capacitors are also some of the studies in the Electric and Electronics Circuits Laboratory.



  • HP 54603B Oscilloscope
  • Agilent 33120A Function Generator
  • HP E3620A Power Supply
  • HP 34401A Multimeter



  • EE211 – Electrical Circuits
  • EE232 – Introduction to Electronics
  • EE333 – Analog Electronic Circuits