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Internship is the work performed in a company for supporting and progressing the knowledge except which is obtained at school. The main aspects of internship are: obtaining new practical and technical skills, getting familiar with business life, learning how to communicate effectively with administrators and other disciplines. Internship is a job experience and a great opportunity for learning tricks of business life without taking critical responsibilities. In this concept, it should be gotten serious and evaluated when necessary. The most recent info should be accepted as reference which is on board and web site.

I. Internship Duration

 At least 20 working days of internship is compulsory for the students having ID, beginning with 25 and higher. If the company is open on Saturdays, these days also are accepted as working days. Students are advised to work at least 2 different disciplines. Internship is non-credit but, student will be evaluated as “Passed” or “Failed”. At least one successful completion of internship is necessary for graduation. It is forbidden to register to any course during internship. Internship is a continuous work and must be done without interruption. Since you are insured during internship, you cannot be both intern and student. So, your Internship cannot overlap onto semester even a single day. But if you are about to graduate, you can consult to internship commission with a letter about your excuse.

II. Internship Company

Students find and consult their internship Company individually. However, there may be internship invitations announced by internship Commission. Also you can see a list of company names and addresses on the board as a reference. But this list should not be treated as a complete list of available internship companies. There must be at least 1 Electrical or/and Electronics Engineer in the company. Internship in different countries is also advised for improving the language skills, experiencing different cultures and technologies. Internships in Research Laboratories are accepted if the instructor of the laboratory is on a project supported from TUBITAK, DPT, SANTEZ etc. Also there are special programs in foreign universities. For application to those universities, approval from internship commission is necessary. Also, students find an internship chance in different countries with the help of International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE).

III. Internship Period

The company may request a document about obligation of internship. This document is given by EE Department. The company also may request the name of instructors that may inform the company about you. Therefore, it will be wise to contact with these instructors and provide their information to the company with permission. During the internship, you cannot be registered to a course. This will cause your internship to be graded as invalid. If you are satisfying the conditions of graduation, you can have the right of taking the resit exams (as well as the final exams) with the permission of company and internship commission.

IV. Insurance

Insurance is mandatory during internship period. Internships without insurance will not be accepted. Insurance cost will be paid by the University. As a fist step, you should get the formal document contains the information of initial and final days of your internship period. This document should be delivered to department secretariat with deanery form and necessary documents as can be seen in example below. These documents will be sending to Human Resources and your insurance procedures will be completed. All these procedures will take time, so AT LEAST 1 MONTH BEFORE internship, you should initialize the insurance procedure. No retroactive transact can be done after you start your internship.

V. Starting Internship

 In the first day of internship, you should keep the documents listed below:

1) Appreciation Letter: Department should have an appreciation letter to company for accepting the student. It should be remembered that, 70% of universities have engineering program and internship is obligatory in most of universities. Appreciation letter is not compulsory but important for remarkable impression of our university and your professional career. It is not compulsory to sign the appreciation letter but it must be filled completely.

2) Internship Report: It is compulsory to write a internship report. This report must be written on computer and all of the activities during internship should be recorded. The report must be unique and be written by the student. The report should be written in English and technical report writing skills should be applied. The report should not be longer than 30 pages and should not be shorter than 7 pages. Usually it is suitable to write one page per day but this is not compulsory. You can prepare as a diary or as a whole script. Any datasheet, complicated circuit schematics, pre-defined catalogue information should not be included into the report. It is easier to prepare the report as a diary, if you have a full-day work everyday during the internship. Each page of the report should be signed by your supervisor and the company. Unapproved internship reports are unacceptable.

3) Internship Evaluation Form: At the end of your internship, this evaluation form should be filled by your supervisor or coordinator and should be delivered in closed and signed envelope. This envelope should not be opened. Open envelopes are not acceptable. Internships not having this evaluation forms have no validity.

VI. Evaluation

The last due date of printed and scanned (or the unsigned script version as MS Word file) reports is the end of 2nd week on following semester. The reports will be delivered to department secretariat with signature. Following documents should be delivered to department secretariat for your reports to be evaluated:

1) Approved printed copy of your report with your photograph.

2) Electronic copy of your report transferred into CD.

3) Company internship evaluation form

4) Company evaluation form, filled by intern.

Your reports are evaluated one-by-one. The reports which are not neat will not be accepted. Please do not wait till the end of the last due date and do not take any medical excuse report on last submission date to request extra time. Since it is impossible to observe the internship of the student in the company, the reports will be evaluated with the light of objective criterion, gain from practical activities, contribution of file contents to student and report writing criterion. Evaluation results will be announced on 8th week of following semester. Students, who have failed, may fill an objection report in 7 days after being informed. If the failing reason is due to report writing issue, 1 extra week is provided to student for rewriting and approval procedures. But if the failing reason is different, then the student must find a new company for internship for the next internship semester.

VII. More than one Internship

Reports for additional internships are not necessary. But you must have insurance for these internships also. In order for university to complete insurance procedures, follow the steps given above.

VIII. Suggestions

For the students having completed their 2nd year, the area of interest on internship is not critical since they are introduced to department courses recently. The best area of interest on internship is about learning basic skills and practicing basic concepts (soldering, learning the types of capacitor, inductor, resistor, experiencing oscilloscope, PLC, recognizing power and distribution systems, 3-phase systems, communication systems etc.)

Internship at the end of 3rd year is more important. It will help you to choose technical elective courses on 4th year. It is suggested to perform 2 internships at the end of 3rd year.

The students must obey the internship rules. Please read internship instructions carefully. If you can not find the answers of your questions on this document or you have any objection, please consult to the internship commission.

Department Internship Commission

The required files for internship can be accessed from the links below