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Antennas and Microwaves Laboratory



The main objective of Antennas and Microwave Laboratory is to bring undergraduate and graduate students up by practical application studies in microwaves, antennas and propagation, and also to develop our students to cover the qualified engineer requirements in this field. 9.40 GHz is the centre frequency of the microwave and antenna trainer sets. One can also work in between about 8.6 – 12.0 GHz. All of the studies can be acquired and controlled by computers. There are automatic (PC controlled) radiation pattern (in E & H planes) measurement systems with rotating antenna platforms, pyramidal microwave absorbers and various antennas such as different lengths of dipole antennas, Yagi-Uda antennas, horn antennas, axial-mode helical antennas with left and right handed polarized ones, waveguide slot antenna arrays, microstrip antenna arrays with rectangular patches and paraboidal reflectors. The equipments or components used in this set are able to prepare mechanisms for achieving various applications such as measurement of antenna parameters of radiation pattern, F/B ratio, side lobe level, HPBW, polarization factor, gain, etc. of the antennas. There are also various waveguide components for carrying out experiments on microwave techniques are all designed in waveguide technology R100 standard (Gunn diodes, isolators, PIN modulators, slotted lines, cross directional couplers, slide screw transformers, variable and fixed attenuators, frequency meters, coax detectors, phase shifter, etc.). In addition, there are various passive and active microstrip line circuits, and for measuring scattering parameters there is a PC controlled network analyzer module operating in the frequency range of 260-520 MHz. In the Transmission Line trainer set, there are two-wire transmission line model circuits, coaxial cables and four-wire transmission line on which attenuation, characteristic impedance, SWR, pulse response, interference, etc. measurements are carried out up to 10 MHz.



  • EE421 – Antennas and Propagation