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Araştırma Grupları


  • Robotik

    Robotik Araştırma Laboratuvarı

    • Projeler:
      • Intelligent Surgical Robotics
      • RoboRehab: Assistive Audiology Rehabilitation Robot
      • Robotic System for Orthopedic Surgery (OrthoRoby)
      • Robotic System for Rehabilitation (RehabRoby)


  • RF ve Mikrodalga

    RF Elektroniği Araştırma Laboratuvarı

    • Projeler:
      • Designing a Range Scanner Using Color Coded Structured Light
      • Development of GSM/UMTS Base Station Multi-Antenna Structures
      • Ku-band Receiver and Low Profile Phased Array Antenna Design
      • Millimeter Wave Radar
      • Quad-channel, Wireless Audiophone Circuit Design
      • Underground Water Leak Detection using Ground Penetrating Radar


  • Mikroelektronik

    Mikroelektronik Laboratuvarı

    • Projeler:
      • A Channel-Leakage Monitor for Silicon Wafer Scribe Testing Without Mechanical Access
      • CMOS Bandgap Voltage Reference Circuit Design
      • Integrated Photovoltaic Energy Conversion for Autonomous CMOS Systems and its Application in an Active-RFID System
      • Low Dropout Voltage Regulator Circuit Design