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Yeditepe Students

Students who have completed one academic year (excluding the preparatory class) with a CGPA of 2.20 and above can apply to continue their education abroad for one semester within the scope of Erasmus and exchange programs. Applications are made online on the dates announced by the International Office every term. Prospective students are required to submit their application documents (taken from the online system) to the International Office with their official transcripts from the Student Affairs Office. Following the completion of the application process, prospective students will take the exam in the language they have marked during their online applications on the dates to be announced by the International Office. Students are required to get at least 60 points (out of 100) from the language exam in order to be accepted to any program. Click for detailed info. (https://international.yeditepe.edu.tr/sites/default/files/ERASMUS%20AGREEMENT%20LIST%20(UZATMA).xlsx.pdf)

Our department currently has Erasmus agreements with MCI Management Center Innsbruck (Austria), Technical University of Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi (Romania). Detailed information on agreements and quotas can be obtained from the department's Erasmus coordinators. It is recommended that you get information about schools and their language of instruction before making a choice.

Your status is determined according to your success score and the quota for the school you want to attend. Following this, you can reach all the forms you need to fill and the procedures you need to do on the page of the international office.

Placements will be made automatically according to the Erasmus scores obtained by taking into account students' language scores and grade point averages and announced to the students.

The financial status of the student who goes abroad for a period with any exchange program continues at the University. Some financial support is also provided to students who go to Erasmus. The amount of this grant is announced by the International Office. Students can, if they wish, renounce the financial support.

Incoming Students

International students who will come to our department within the scope of Erasmus and exchange programs should submit their applications to their own institutions and be nominated by their own institutions. Click for detailed info. (https://international.yeditepe.edu.tr/sites/default/files/ERASMUS%20AGREEMENT%20LIST%20(UZATMA).xlsx.pdf).