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Things To Know About Internship:

  • Food Engineering undergraduate students are required to do compulsory internship. In addition, our university pays insurance for the 2nd and 3rd internships to be done voluntarily, if desired.
  • It is essential that the compulsory internship is in the fields of food science, food technology and food engineering. In this context, students can do their compulsory internship preferably in the production, R&D, and quality control units of the Food Enterprises, as well as in the laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Turkish Standards Institute, Food R&D Centers and private laboratories with accreditation.
  • FDE 203 and FDE 226 courses must be completed in order to do compulsory internships.
  • The compulsory internship period is at least 20 working days and should be done continuously. If the workplace also works on Saturdays, these days are also considered as working days. During the internship, the student should not take any lessons. If courses are taken in summer school, internship can only be done after the end of the summer school until the fall term begins. The internship cannot extend even one day into the term.
  • In addition, within the scope of EFIPAP, a cooperation agreement is signed between our University and the institution where the internship will be made, and long-term work experience internship (maximum 45 working days) during the education period can be done, provided that it is after the 6th term. This internship can also be considered as a compulsory internship.
  • If the compulsory internship is done as a long-term internship, the internship book must be filled in as many days.

In addition, internship advertisements sent to the faculty members of the department by companies are shared on the “yeditepefde@googlegroups.com” and “COADSYS” FDE XXX announcement page. However, many student clubs at our University have created their own networks on this issue, students who need it can contact these clubs.

  • The earlier the application is made to the institution where the internship is planned, the higher the probability of being accepted.
  • While calculating the internship day, the actual working day should be taken as a basis as stated in the labor law. Official holidays, holidays, etc. special days are not counted as internship days.
  • The internship application documents are delivered to the Food Engineering Department Secretary "Selma Aka Dinç"at least 4 weeks before starting the internship, after the approval of the company / unit and the internship period eligibility is received from the department's Internship Coordinator. Documents submitted close to the start date of the internship will not be accepted.
  • Students who have completed their internship are required to submit the internship notebook, intern evaluation form and internship evaluation forms, signed and stamped by the company on the date announced on the website, to the Department Secretary in return for a signature, to be submitted to the Internship Coordinator.


Contact information

Department Secretary: Selma Aka Dinç

e-mail: selma.dinc@yeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: 0 216 578 0000-1418 Fax: 0 216 578 0400

Internship documents:


Issues to be Considered While Filling the Internship Book:

  • The boundaries of the information that should be in the notebook will be determined by your internship.
  • In order to count the day you do your internship in the daily report, you need to reflect on the new things you have learned about the functioning of the workplace by doing work or observing that day.
  • In the general report, it is expected to explain the definition of the workplace, the scope of the work done, the processes (job / production / packaging / procurement etc.) and job descriptions.
  • The internship book should be written by the computer in the specified format.
  • The internship book will be filled in English. However, you can express the terms you find difficult to find in Turkish with an explanation. Printouts from the computer can be pasted where deemed necessary.
  • Following the opening of the school, the Internship Book is delivered to the Department Secretary on the date notified by the Internship Coordinator. Late entries will not be accepted.​
  • The intern evaluation report (to be filled out by the company) must be sent to the e-mail address "yeditepegida@yeditepe.edu.tr" by the company representative who made the evaluation.