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MSN 340
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Course Objectives: 
Review of structure of atoms, molecules and bonding in ceramics. Discussion on structure of ceramics. Effects of structure on physical properties. Ceramic Phase diagrams. Discussion on defects in ceramics. Introduction to ceramics. Discussion on processing of ceramics. Introduction to sintering and grain growth. Introduction to mechanical properties of ceramics. Introduction to electrical properties of ceramics. Introduction to traditional ceramics. Introduction to advanced ceramics.
Course Content: 
  1. Introduction to crystal structure and crystallography.

  2. Fundamentals of structure of atoms and bonding in ceramics.

  3. Structure of ceramics and its influence on properties. 

  4. Binary and ternary phase diagrams in ceramics.

  5. Point defects in ceramics.

  6. Glass and glass-ceramic composites 

  7. Ceramics processing and sintering. 

  8. Mechanical properties of ceramics.

  9. Electrical properties of ceramics.

  10. Traditional ceramics.

  11. Advanced ceramics.



Course Methodology: 
1: Lecture by instructor, 2: Lecture by instructor with class discussion, 3: Problem solving by instructor, 4: Use of simulations, 5: Problem solving assignment, 6: Reading assignment, 7: Laboratory work, 8: Term research paper, 9: Presentation by guest
Course Evaluation Methods: 
A: Written exam, B: Multiple-choice exam C: Take-home quiz, D: Experiment report, E: Homework, F: Project, G: Presentation by student

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