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ISE 491
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Course Objectives: 
This course aims to prepare students for the engineering project they will be working on. It aims to teach students how to prepare a project proposal including a well defined real world problem and a thorough literature review. It also aims to increase their communication skills by letting them disseminate their findings via poster presentation.
Course Content: 

While the course content varies based on the project topic selected, each initial project proposel must include problem definition and analysis, survey of the related literature, and presentation of proposed project.

Course Methodology: 
1: Lecture by instructor, 2: Lecture by instructor with class discussion, 3: Problem solving by instructor, 4: Use of simulations, 5: Problem solving assignment, 6: Reading assignment, 7: Laboratory work, 8: Term research paper, 9: Presentation by guest s
Course Evaluation Methods: 
A: Written exam, B: Multiple-choice exam C: Take-home quiz, D: Experiment report, E: Homework, F: Project, G:Report by student, H: Presentation by student.

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