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All our students are required to attend classes from the first day of classes in order to keep their success in the classes at the highest level. Some of our students think that they continue to choose the courses until the Add / Drop week and the petition days, and therefore they do not need to attend classes in the first two or three weeks of the semester, or worse, they assume that they will not be able to take the courses they are not enrolled in. Students must start all the courses they would like to take from the first day of the semester, and they must contact the lecturers of the courses they are not registered for and register themselves on the course pages.

According to the article 24/2 of the Undergraduate Education Regulation of our University, "The student has to attend the entire course. However, absenteeism that does not exceed 20% of the courses and based on a justified reason can be accepted." statement is present. Therefore, it is stated that students who attend less than 80% of attendance requirements may fail any course due to absenteeism.