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Within the scope of the curriculum update of the Department of Food Engineering, FDE 358 (3rd, 6th; 6th semester) was removed from the curriculum and FDE 345 (3, 5; 6th semester) and FDE 415 (2, 4; 7th semester) courses were added. FDE 358 will be considered equivalent to FDE 345. Students who have completed 105 credits at the beginning of the fall semester will be exempted from FDE 415. Students with a total of less than 105 credits will take FDE 345 and FDE 415 courses.

Except for FDE 226 and FDE 204 courses opened last semester, all Department courses will be opened in their current curriculum semester.

FDE 226 and FDE 204 courses will not be opened in Fall 2020, and FDE 206 courses will be opened.