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Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering (MSNE); MSNE covers the area of the production of metallic, ceramic and polymeric based engineering and nano materials starting from the natural and synthetic raw materials, and the design, development, testing and characterization of these engineering materials. MSNE is an interdisciplinary area with strong relations to all engineering areas, basic sciences, biomedical, biotechnology, dentistry and medicine.  

Throughout the history, humans are interested in their environment and used all available materials to survive and to develop new materials to improve the living conditions. Nowadays, all the new technologies and applications usually followed the developments in new or functionilized materials. New materials development effects the applications in electronics (chips), in medicine as implants or biomaterials, in space applications as mirrors, in defence as armour materials.

MSNE covers the areas of atomic and molecular level structures of all materials, macroscopic level structures and properties, their testing and characterizations. MSNE involves with the development of new materials and also with the improvement of the existing materials in the areas of space applications, in automotive, in defence and security, in health, in packaging, in energy, in comminication, in nanotechnology industries. All these development in science and technologies also effects the advanced materials and nanotechnology engineering education. For these reasons and new developments, new Materials Science and Nanotechnology Engineering Department was set up and will accept student starting in Fall of 2016 at Yeditepe University.

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Prof. Dr.Volkan Günay (Chair)
Prof. Dr.Mustafa Çulha
Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Fethi Okyar
Asst. Prof. Dr.  Onur Cem Namlı