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In this new era where we need innovation and creative ideas most; Register for free on the webinar to meet technology-based food entrepreneurs who have left their mark on the industry, from biotechnology to food waste, from food production without additives to urban agriculture techniques, from sustainable foods to next-generation data-based food consumption.

Before experiencing the entrepreneurial products in the private area to be established at World Food Istanbul on 25-28 November, Do not miss this opportunity to meet at the Food Tech Garage Webinar on Thursday, November 12!  
In this webinar, entrepreneurs that have left its mark on the sector from Biotechnology to food waste, from additive-free food production to urban agriculture techniques, from sustainable foods to new generation data-based food consumption technology-based food will meet the sector.


✔️ What are the sector's gaps and growth areas?
✔️ What are holistic solutions to achieve sustainable development goals?
✔️How will the investment world evolve in the food and beverage industry?
✔️How do health, environment and animal welfare issues affect the supply chain? What are entrepreneurial solutions?
✔️What consumer trends will enable us to see next-generation innovations in food?
✔️ Which opportunities await the sector in the cooperation models of corporate firms and entrepreneurs?

Thursday, 12 November, 2020 - 14:00 to 15:30

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