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Machine Design and Robotics Workshop
Deadline for application: 15.10.2020

Dear Mechanical Engineering Students,
Machine Design and Robotics workshop will be organized in Mechanical Engineering Department in Fall 2020. The workshop will take place with the participation of volunteer students who will be in Istanbul during the semester and will last 10 to 12 weeks, spreading throughout the semester. The workshop will be led by lecturer Ahmet Ağaoğlu. A project will be given to each group by forming groups of 3 - 4 students, and the students who follow the workshop until the end will be given a certificate by Mechanical Engineering Department.
You can also create your own groups as you prefer. In case of high demand, students' CGPA will be taken into consideration. The number of students who can be on campus simultaneously will be planned according to participation as per
University regulations and meetings will be held at regular intervals. Each project subject will be oriented towards designing a new system, a machine or a robot for a specific purpose. Students can come up with their own project ideas, provided that they
meet certain criteria. Projects will start with new ideas for solution and end with prototyping after the necessary design stages.

The progress of the projects will be as follows:

  • Literature survey.
  • Generation of new ideas, hand sketches, conceptual design.
  • Solid modeling (Solidworks, Onshape).
  • Simulation of the assembly model in computer environment (Solidworks).
  • Selection of electronic and mechanical components and control system design (MATLAB).
  • Simulation of electro-mechanical system in computer environment (Solidworks, MATLAB).
  • Controller design and programming (Arduino).
  • Detailed production design of the parts and preparation of production drawings.
  • Production of parts (3D Printer, Workshop).
  • Assembly and tests.

Information and contact address:

Monday, 28 September, 2020 - 15:11 to Thursday, 15 October, 2020 - 15:11