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Dear Students,

With respect to ongoing health risks caused by COVID '19 pandemic, following Internship Regulations have been accepted for application by the Civil Engineering Department during 2020 Summer Semester.

1. Students graduating at the end of 2020 Spring semester are allowed to conclude their remaining internship works (both CE300 and CE400) by carrying out an Online Internship or by a Project Assignment.

2. Students having completed least 105 credits at the end of 2020 Spring Semester will be defined as able to graduate at the end of 2020 Fall Semester. Those fulfilling this criteria will carry out their remaining internship works (both CE300 and CE400) either by carrying out long-term internship during 2020 Fall Semester or by carrying out a continuous mandatory internship covering least 20 working days following the end of 2020 Fall Semester, both compliant with the related Faculty Internship Regulations and Department Internship Rules. In case the pandemic shall continue during 2020 Fall Semester, these internships will also be carried out as online internships or project assignments as mentioned in (1). 

3. CE300 Summer Practice I applications have been suspended throughout 2020 Summer Semester for all situations excluding the case mentioned in (1).

4. CE400 Summer Practice II applications have been suspended throughout 2020 Summer Semester for all situations excludingcases mentioned in (1). Students are allowed to carry out CE400 Summer Practice II as long term internship during 2020-2021 Semesters if the health risk becomes acceptable.

5. The department is allowed to make changes in these regulations by considering the changes in the progress of the pandemic.

Students compliant with regulation (1) should inform the Department via an e-mail to the Department Secretary (duygu.tuylu@yeditepe.edu.tr) no later than 01.07.2020.


Asst. Prof. Dr. M. Adil AKGÜL

Department Internship Coordinator



* Online execution of CE 300 Site Internship is not accepted by the Department Board Decision.

Faculty of Engineering Compulsory Internship Information Note

* Application forms will be submitted to the Civil Engineering Department Secretariat (civil@yeditepe.edu.tr) via the e-mail address with the extension .edu.tr, and will be submitted to the Department Secretariat again after they are filled in.



Description of Internship

Internship studies at Yeditepe University Civil Engineering Department consists of two stages: Construction Site Internship (CE 300) to be done at the end of the Sophomore Year and Office Internship (CE 400) to be done at the end of the Junior Year.

Internship Times and Possible Times

The minimum period of internship for both internships is 20 working days. The specified 20 working days must be spent in the same institution / company without interruption. If Saturday is counted as a workday, each week is counted as 6 working days. Sunday is not considered as workday. Public holidays and other special days are not counted for internship days.

Internships can only be done during the summer holidays. Internship cannot be done at the Fall Break since a contiuous 20 workdays cannot be completed during this time. Students who take courses at the summer school may start their internship within the summer school final dates, provided that they can obtain permission to ‘take the final exam’ from the internship institution and may continue the internship after the summer school. Students can do internship on condition that they can fit 20 working days before the start of the fall semester and do not overlap the summer school and fall semester with the internship period, with the conditions explained above.

Internship Institution / Companies and Insurance

The student is obliged to find the institution he / she will do his / her internship. In addition, our university’s Career Development and Alumni Communication Department supports students for finding internship institutions.

Students cannot do internship in the institutions / companies belonging to first degree relatives.

Students cannot do internship in any institution under the supervision of their first degree relatives.

The insurance of the student during the internship will be undertaken by the University in accordance with the relevant regulation. Voluntary internship activities that are carried by the student’s own initiative and that are not being insured by the university, cannot be considered as compulsory internship.

Internship Coordinator

M. Adil Akgül


Internship Application Forms


Intern Survey


Other Documents and Documents to be Submitted in the Application:

Photocopy of personal certificate

Residence (available from e-devlet)

Health provision information sheet (available at https://esgm.sgk.gov.tr/Esgm/ by following the inquiry-health provision steps)

1 passport size photo

Writing and Approval of Internship Diary

Notes to be considered while filling the internship diary;

  1. The extent of information required in the diary will be based on the internship activities you carry out.
  2. In general, based on your observations (you do not have to do the job yourself), you can talk about processes, job descriptions.
  3. Internship diary will be written using MSWord or word processor software and will be delivered as a report in a spiral bound. Hand-written internship diaries or internship diaries that are otherwise bound cd /or delivered in folder-file will not be accepted.
  4. Internship diary will be written in English. However, you can express some of the terms in Turkish with the English explanation, if it is difficult to find an equivalent term. Printouts from the computer can be attached/glued where necessary.
  5. An Internship Evaluation Form, which can be downloaded from the link below, will also be filled out by the internship institution/company, signed and stamped and will be delivered to the student by the intitution/company in sealed envelope. Internship diaries of the students whose Internship Evaluation Form is missing are not accepted.

Detailed information on the writing, submission and presentation of the notebooks will be announced at the beginning of the 2019 fall semester.


Internship Diary (Up-to-Date) 

Internship Evaluation Form

Companies and Institutions that Students have done Internship so far