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Duration: At least 20 days

Acceptance Letter : The proposed organization should submit an acceptance letter to the department.

Approval : The student can start the internship following depertmental approval.

Internship Report : A report must be submitted at the end of the internship. This report must include the description of the project, in which the student was involved.

Evaluation Form : The student must submit a letter and a survey, indicating his/her attendance and success. (Traniee Evaluation ReportTraniee Evaluation Survey)


BME 400 Summer Internship Guidelines


Internship Coordinator
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Gökhan ERTAŞ

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
B Building, 3th floor

E-mail: gokhan.ertas@yeditepe.edu.tr

Tel: +90(216) 578 00 00 / 1497