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Within the scope of the STAR program 2024 first term call, undergraduate students (STAR Undergraduate) will be able to take part in the TUBITAK projects listed below. Candidates who want to apply will apply to take part in one of the projects at https://star.tubitak.gov.tr/ between April 22, 2024 and May 6, 2024.

Each candidate can apply for 1 project.

For detailed information, you can review the link below: https://www.tubitak.gov.tr/sites/default/files/4000/star_lisans_2024_1_d...

Projects that can be undertaken as a STAR Undergraduate Scholar:
*Development of Models for Predetermining End Product Quality Problems in Chocolate Production Processes with FTIR Spectroscopy (TUBITAK 1001)
*Development of Biodegradable Packaging Materials from Agricultural Food Waste (PRIMA EU Project)
*Process Development to Reduce Pesticide Residues in Dried Fruits (TUBITAK TEYDEB 1505)