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Calender for ME492 (Fall'23)

2023-09-29 Fri : ANNOUNCEMENTS: Project Topics (from Dept. Boards)
2023-10-06 Fri : SUBMISSION: Form 200 (Google forms)
2023-10-09 Mon : ANNOUNCEMENT: Project Assignments (by email, subseq. from YULearn)
2023-12-15 Fri: SUBMISSION: Draft Report (YULearn Turnitin Assignment)
2023-12-29 Fri: EXAM: 14:00-17:00 Comprehensive Exam (GDS)
2024-01-21 Sun : SUBMISSION: Final Report over Turnitin (until 23:59)
2024-01-22 Mon : PRESENTATIONS

The Yulearn page of the ME492 course has been opened. To follow the projects, please access the Yulearn page.

Last Update:2.10.2023