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COVID-19 Precautions

Dear Yeditepe University Staff and Students;

Necessary measures have been taken on the campus of our university to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

In this context, fever measurements of all students, employees, and visitors entering our campus will be measured with thermal cameras at campus entrances and all building entrances, and it will be scanned whether they have COVID-19 symptoms listed in the Turkish Ministry of Health's COVID-19 guide dated 29.06.2020.

Isolation centers have been established at the entrance of the infirmary and in front of the Guest House M block. First checks will be carried out at the Vaccine Center located at the entrance of the infirmary for people with symptoms, and if deemed appropriate by our physicians, they will be directed to the PCR test center for PCR testing and quarantine.

We will have an intern nurse responsible for each building, administrative supervisor, faculty secretary, academicians, and students. Our COVID officers, whose names are listed below will ensure that the necessary health measures are taken by using the correct mask, removing crowded groups, maintaining social distance, and directing people who show symptoms to isolation centers.

Our students and employees who think that their health conditions are not good inside and outside the campus are required to provide information by filling out the Triage Information Form via the relevant links.

Student Triage Information Form Link:


Employee Triage Information Form Link:


Continuous health inquiries will be made over the HES codes obtained from employees and students along with the consent form. At the same time, with the Safe Area HES code application created for building and department entrances, people in the red code will be blocked from entering the building.

By using packaged products in cafeterias and canteens, it is aimed to make the public dining areas contact with the least number of people.

In our classrooms, conference halls, and dining halls that need to be found collectively, social distance has been established and necessary disinfection procedures are carried out.

The fever of the employees and students who use the personnel service is measured with the thermometers in the services. At the same time, employees and students without masks are not accepted to our services.




Prof. Dr. Canan AYKUT BİNGÖL