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Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program has been awarded by MÜDEK (Association of Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Education Programs) with accreditation for a period of 5 years starting from 30.09.2019. MÜDEK assessment is based on voluntary application and can be valid for up to 5 years after each application. Our undergraduate program has also been accredited for 10 years prior to 2019. An evaluation visit will be made to our department in 2023 for renovation. MÜDEK is also authorized to give the EUR-ACE® (European accredited engineer) label to the programs it deems accredited. EUR-ACE® is a label that states that the quality of accredited engineering programs on the European continent meets certain standards. The fact that this label is given to our undergraduate program shows that the education we provide meets European standards. Our graduates who want to work in Europe or graduate studies will prove their basic qualifications to the other institution with this label.


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