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Course Code: 
ISE 316
Course Type: 
Area Elective
Prerequisite Courses: 
Course Language: 
Course Objectives: 
• Understanding basic programming concepts and approaches • Learn desinging of an algorithm • To be able to design optimization algorithms • To have an idea about the algorithms used in industrial engineering • To reach the level of running optimization algorithms
Course Content: 

To create heuristic and metaheuristic algorithms and solve optimization problems.

Course Methodology: 
1: Lecture by instructor, 2: Lecture by instructor with class discussion, 3: Problem solving by instructor, 4: Use of simulations, 5: Problem solving assignment, 6: Reading assignment, 7: In class case study, 8: Term research paper, 9: Presentation by gue
Course Evaluation Methods: 
A: Written exam, B: Multiple-choice exam C: In class exercise D: Experiment report, E: Homework, F: Project, G: Report by Student

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