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Course Objectives: 
To deliver the necessary knowledge to accomplish designing food formulations and production lines based on customer requirements for new products; to explain how to incorporate quality standards and economic constraints into the design. Part of this course requires an interdisciplinary work, which is coordinated with the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. In a given project, students of both departments work together to gather customer requirements for a specific food product and convert these requirements into technical parameters. One of the main goals of this course is to create an environment where two different disciplines work together to design food products.
Course Content: 

Engineering ethics. Economic analysis. Design of food products and production lines by case studies. Quality (environment, food safety, hygiene, employee safety, quality control and quality assurance).

Term Projects: (1) Design of a food product based on customer requirements. This is an interdisciplinary project where students of the Food Engineering Department work together with students of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department. (2) Design of the production lines, selection of equipment/materials, mass balance calculations and cost analysis for the final food formulation and the process requirements that are proposed in the interdisciplinary project.


Course Methodology: 
1: Lecture by instructor, 2: Lecture by instructor with class discussion, 3: Problem solving by instructor, 4: Use of simulations, 5: Problem solving assignment, 6: Reading assignment, 7: Laboratory work, 8: Term research paper, 9: Presentation by guest s
Course Evaluation Methods: 
A: Written exam, B: Multiple-choice exam C: Take-home quiz, D: Experiment report, E: Homework, F: Project, G: Presentation by student

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