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HUM 103
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Course Objectives: 
This course aims to provide: a comprehensive review of the history of civilization; an understanding of the role of multiple disciplines (philosophy, arts, literature, science) as they progressed within various civilizations around the globe throughout history; how these humanities disciplines contributed to the formation of the value system of our contemporary civilization; to develop the ability to analyze contemporary social movements. Particular emphasis is given to the fields of science, philosophy, arts and literature.
Course Content: 

The start of civilization on earth, the Neolithic age; Turkish, Indian and Chinese civilizations and their interactions; the developments in the Mediterranean cultural basin; the elements of civilization in the middle ages; the examination of eastern and Eurasian civilizations with a particular focus on the formation in arts, social sciences, technology, science; The renaissance, the enlightenment, the American and the French revolution; modernization phases in the Turkish civilization; the new world order; the study of civilizations in the 21st century.

Course Methodology: 
1: Lecture, 2: Q-A, 3: Debate
Course Evaluation Methods: 
A: Exam , B: Paper

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