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Rabia Doymaz
Graduate of 2016

The main reason for choosing Yeditepe University Civil Engineering Department is to increase the ability to use the information we have learned in the business life thanks to the internship, field and factory trips we completed during our education period, seminars given by successful people in the profession, as well as the quality of education I will receive in this department.

The fact that the language of instruction is English and the sensitivity of faculty members to the use of English will be another gain for my colleagues who want to develop their careers in international companies. Being able to reach the expert faculty members in their fields and being able to consult the issues that are in your mind about both education and future planning will take you one step ahead while determining your career goals.

Deniz Doğru
Graduate of 2017

The logical, analytical and critical thinking skills that I gained from being a graduate of Yeditepe University Civil Engineering Department; has given me many privileges in my business and academic life. In line with these skills, I learned to use the knowledge I gained in my student life in my business life.

Social and cultural activities, group work, student presentations, technical visits and laboratory studies; self-confidence, high communication skills and group work has enabled me to develop myself as an individual. The opportunity to engage in continuous dialogue with our esteemed faculty members during my student years, to have an active education and then continue our ongoing communication provided the opportunity for lifelong learning.

Merve Temel
Graduate of 2019

Less number of students in the courses provides one-to-one lessons with teachers. You can go to the room in person and talk to him about what you want and they are all good, expert teachers in their fields. A department with laboratory and equipment competence. The campus environment of the school is very nice. You can participate in training programs as you wish. It is a department and school that really supports you to do double major, minor, and erasmus programs. During the year there are many conferences, theaters and events. It is perfectly suited for a social university life. I think the program and the intensity of the courses are very nice.

Mustafa Abaş
Graduate of 2019

After an active preparatory education, I started my faculty life where my real curiosity and enthusiasm started. The first questions I had when I first started the department were: ‘Does the school offer extra language? ‘Teachers are really just in and out of classes like in movies; people who have never been in contact with students? or ‘Will my training be enough for me? ’. To answer respectively; Yeditepe University offers the opportunity to learn Russian, German, Chinese, Spanish and French as part of the non-credit language courses. It is an undeniable fact that it will have a huge plus in future life. As the answer to my second question, I can say that all the teachers I have taken in the courses of the department and the pool are fully equipped with high level of knowledge and are very sincere and friendly people who are intertwined with the student and do not hesitate to help their questions. I can sincerely say this to my friends who will apply to this school and department. Regarding the education issue, I still get the answer, I think that Yeditepe University provides a good education in both department and pool courses.