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Prof. Dr. Nesrin Yardımcı Tiryakioğlu

Civil Engineering, being one of the oldest engineering disciplines, has an important role of contributing to the safe, sustainable and urban living of mankind. Today, a considerable number of our young people select this profession with an ambition to push the borders, to generate tomorrow’s world and at the same time to increase their own standard of living to higher levels.
The Civil Engineering Department is well aware that, high quality education and strong research programme are the two essential factors that make a well established institution. The Department’s vision is to graduate both nationally and internationally well recognized engineers and to provide service to Civil Engineering profession along with public benefit. To this aim, we define our Department’s mission as “to prepare the students as responsible, open minded, theoretically and practically well equipped, creative, ethical, sociable, team player individuals that are concerned about the public benefits, so that they can contribute to their profession”.
During their four-years study the students gain knowledge on engineering sciences and fundamental knowledge on each of the civil engineering disciplines, including structural engineering, geotechnics, transportation, hydraulics, construction materials, environmental engineering and construction management. The elective courses in the curriculum provide the students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge on their interest area. They also have the opportunity to get acquaintance with the real work environment early in their educational life, by means of the two practical internships they complete during their study.
As prospective civil engineers, while gaining skills on computers, foreign language, engineering sciences and professional knowledge, our students also participate in various activities, such as career days and conferences, which improve their abilities and talents in various areas including, ability to work in teams, to being creative, to design, to be successful in business and social life, and to acquire lifelong learning skills. Our Department, with close ties to construction sector and NGO’s, also organizes activities involving engineering practice such as construction site visits and sectorial exhibitions, organizes collaborative international symposiums and conferences, provide opportunities to the students to join student club activities and student competitions.
Turkish construction sector has important contributions to the national economy and is among the highest rank in the world business. The graduates of our Civil Engineering Department, equipped with education in English, can work in national or foreign companies that operate in our country or abroad; or can start up their own private business enterprise or pursue an academic career. Many public institutions, municipalities or their affiliates are in a continuous need of civil engineers. Besides the fact that Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines, the need for Civil Engineers has never declined and the business opportunities in diverse areas are almost infinite.


Students of Civil Engineering Department will benefit from Topography, Soil Mechanics and Construction Materials Laboratories as well as Computer, Drawing and Fluid Mechanics Laboratories at the Faculty. Experiments and applications are provided in these laboratories with modern equipments.